Monday, February 28, 2011

New Chapter

Alrighty, I have a lot to write about. So inhale........and go! So before I get to the big stuff, I'll start with the sweet little tid bits first; This last week I have been seeing heart shapes everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE! From the bubbles in my sink, the burned splotches on my french fries, the cracks in the sidewalk, and even a heart shape in my bowl of cheerios. It was a week full of love! Now on to the big stuff. A new chapter in my book of life has opened. Two days before my birthday (which was over 18 minutes ago) my Mr. Tollstrup of almost 2 years proposed to me! It was a total surprise and I had no idea it was coming so soon! (although I couldn't be more overjoyed) My heart is still pitter pattering. The love of my life wants to spend the rest of his life with me! I could never ask for anything more. Needless to say, I can't sleep much because my mind is jumbled on everything wedding! Love really is better than anything. I am going to start a new blog along with this one to write the next chapters in my and my Mr. Tollstrup's life.  I will have all the delicious details about our proposal story on it, along with engagement pictures, wedding pictures, etc. Stay tuned! Lots of love fellow bloggers! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You, Always

This has been an amazing day. My Mr. Tollstrup gave me a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses wrapped up in a red velvet ribbon. (I can never be uncheered by flowers I've decided.) He then proceeded to make me dinner and he even hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries. I love him. Plain and simple. I love him. Sometimes I think that we are so fairytale it could make people sick. He just gives me the feeling that people write novels about. I honestly don't know what I thought about before I met him. Love is better than other stuff, really. Happy Valentine's day friends!