Sunday, March 27, 2011

Numbers & Color

My Mr. Tollstrup and I are so in love and so alike. We love, like, and enjoy so many of the same things. But he thinks in numbers. I think in color. He is left brain. I am right brain. I stumbled upon these two sayings while surfing the internet. They explain almost exactly how we work and operate. So different but still one soul. I love my Mr. Tollstrup. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stuck With Me

Ya know sometimes I compare myself to others. No wait, I always compare myself to others. And I always put myself down in the process. I know that by doing this I become vain and bitter (and i hate that). There will always be a prettier girl than me. There will always be someone who is more creative than I am. There will always be someone who has accomplished more than me. Basically, I need to suck it up. Instead of thinking about what I am missing, or how ugly I am, I need to think about what I do have and what I am blessed with. There is a couple who live in Provo, Utah who are both returning from a nearly fatal plane crash. The wife,(Stephanie Nielson) burned 80% of her body. Her husband,(Christian Nielson) was burned as well, but not as severely. Stephanie looks like a completely different person. She compares herself to Sally on 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and needless to say, she looks very much like her. It is so inspiring to read about this woman and her husband on their blog. They struggle everyday but they look for the positive in everything. She is beautiful. She truly is a beautiful woman. She may look like a stitched up doll to the world, but to her husband, she is the most beautiful thing in this world. He loves her for her. Not her face. He loves her for her spirit. She may not look like Audrey Hepburn or Natalie Portman, but she is beautiful because of her spirit and her faith. And most importantly, her husband is in love with her for being her. Her posts are very inspiring to me. She has taught me that we are not our bodies. We are our spirits. I am learning to ignore my body's many faults, and focusing on making my spirit beautiful. I need to be the best me that there is. I need to love me. I might not be very beautiful or the most talented, but I am me. No one is the entire world can be a better me than me.