Monday, April 18, 2011

Life's Little Pleasures

Flipping through art books


The sound of scissors cutting construction paper 

Putting on clothes freshly from the warm dryer

Laughing so hard no sound comes out

Listening to rain inside a tent

Hitting all of the green lights

When you arrive at your destination right as the good song ends

When the grocery store attendant opens up a new lane

The feeling of rain on my face

The perfect pair of high heels that make you feel sexy if need be

My brother’s big blue eyes

Water ripples

Daring haircuts

Driving at night and rolling the window down to just let the cool air rush past your face

Going out of your way to crunch a crunchy leaf

Rainbow sprinkles on donuts

The crunch sound the snow makes when you step in it

Black straws at fancy restaurants

Dreaming passionately

Spelling words correctly

My best friend who is obsessed with Disney Princesses but listens to Nelly Jay-Z and LL Cool J (among others)

Loving Completely

Manly man chests 

Getting an eyelash out of your eye 

Figuring out how the hotel shower faucet works

Tortoise shell glasses

Finally remember that word that is on the tip of your tongue 

The smell of the coffee isle in the grocery store 

Taking that first scoop from the peanut butter

Letting sand run through your fingers

Glitter shoes

Soft whispers

Tangled Snuggles

The feeling of lightness your feet get after a pedicure

People watching

Being optimistic

Marshmallow mustache from Hot Cocoa

Watching the bubbles rise up from a newly poured drink

The perfect amount of fry sauce on a French fry


A long walk with no where to go

Quoting movies

Walking slowly through Disneyland because you’ve done everthing you’ve wanted for a day

ANYTHING Audrey Hepburn (how I wish I was her..)

The cool breeze that is just the right temperature

Peeling that thin plastic film off electronics 

Getting the prime movie seats in a theatre

Licking the cake batter off the spatula 

That one really good pen that never gets lost 

Squeezing through a door thats shutting without touching it 

Tim Burton

Squirting your shampoo bottle and a thousand little bubbles explode out of it

Great Danes  (I will own one some day)

Willy Wonka’s nonsense

Mickey Mouse's giggle

Laughing to yourself and then having people stare at you

Clean & fresh bed sheets

Tripping while walking and turning your half fall into a little jog to cover up the trip

Listening to music that gives you an extra bounce in your step

Hearing a smile in the dark

Old Batman cartoons

Candy colored hair

When the person you love is willing to fight to keep you no matter what.

Sunlight that glitters through the trees

The soft space nestled just between being awake & asleep

Dr. Seuss

Pastel colored nail polish that goes on smoothly the first time

Fluffy flouncy tulle

Old musty books

Natural looking makeup


Long car rides to get some good thinking done


Helena Boham Carter, James Franco, Tom Hanks, Goldie Hawn, Steve Carell, Tea Leoni, Jim Carrey, Rachel Weiz, Dustin Hoffman, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Hugh Grant, Sandra Bullock, Merryl Streep

Mini coopers & Smartcars

Jane Austen

Listening to someone speak another language (so beautiful)

Having a crouton is each bite of your salad

One or two finger hand holding that shows you're absolutely comfortable being together

Newport Beach

Getting a wrapped present and its so neatly wrapped you don’t want to tear the paper

Becoming who you are

Finding treasures in unexpected places

Wearing tennis shoes with dresses

Living what you love

Not waiting but doing

The sound sequins make on your clothes when you move

Tasting the salty air when at the beach

Getting everything done on your list

After spending a day with him and smelling him on your clothes

Living your bliss

Colorful balloons

Receiving real Hugs

Black and white movies

Christmas lights

Wrestling/tickle fights

Rocking out to Disney music


Getting dirty then taking a hot soapy sudsy shower afterwards

Dancing cheek to cheek


Random texts that make you smile

Listening to a heartbeat

When the sunlight trickles through the water of a swimming pool

Wishing that one moment would last just a little longer

Saying “I love you” and MEANING it

The spray of water on your face when boating

Sparkly city lights

Clothes wrapped in tissue paper after buying them at a nice store

Slow dancing

Bite sized ice cubes in your soda

Hugs from your mom

The first sip of a newly opened soda can

Knowing its true love when the tiny details about another person, the ones that seem insignificant to most people, seem incredible and magnificent to you

Remembering dreams

Sitting next to someone and not having to talk to fill awkward space because there isn’t any awkward space to fill

Kisses for no reason at all

When he makes me twirl like a circus girl

Perfume bottles

Chocolate dipped strawberries

British accents

Falling asleep and someone covers you up with a blanket

Looking at the little details

Catching snowflakes on your tongue

Eiffel tower pictures

Really soft oversized sweaters

Tiffany & Co.

The first bite on a piece of pizza (the pointy part)

Sparkly stars

Squishing sand between your toes

The crispy sugar layer of Crème Brulee

Uneven old fashioned glass windows

The clicky sound chalk makes when writing on a black board

The perfect pair of sunglasses

The smell of a newly sharpened PENCIL

Living beautifully

Bold glasses

Walking in a museum and getting lost in your thoughts

Opening up a brand new box of crayons

Finding highlights in an old book

Looking at your best friend and knowing exactly what they are thinking

Wandering in libraries reading random books on far off topics

Modern Architecture

Cobble stone streets

Snuggles, nuzzles, and burrows

Lush gardens

Deep conversations

Giving people random nicknames

Feathers and 500 thread count

Listening to Christmas music throughout the year

Taking that most perfect candid picture

Cottages with wild flowers in the garden

Having two different colored eyes

Black and white stripes

The crunch of rocks under your feet while walking

Two straws in a drink

Inspiring music

When he makes my heart go boom boom

Looking past the junk and finding the prettiness behind things

SERENDIPITY (my most favorite word)

How the rainbows of disco balls dance off the walls

Fresh paint

People who honestly love you for you

Seeing an elderly couple holding hands

Flowy dresses that billow in the wind

Imaginary friends when you are little

Seeing old friends and acting as though you havent spent a day apart

Organization with just a hint of chaos


Full kissy kinda lips

A hand written letter on pretty paper

The perfect pair of jeans that fit your butt so perfectly

The Office

The sound of his deep voice

The smell of wet cement during a rainy day

The sound of clacky high heels on a tiled floor

Girly ruffles

Flowers (nobody can ever be uncheered by a flower)

Big windows that let in the natural light

Putting a pin down on a map of places you will visit

The smell newborn babies have


Having the exact amount of change when buying something

Real wood floors

Soft pillows

Ridiculously curly hair

Muscley man arms

A good book & time to read it


That perfect Little Black Dress

Soft kisses


Fireworks that crackle and sparkle like crazy

Unexpected generosity

Number 14 and 2

Beautiful clothes


My glass fish

Wishes that actually come true

Birthday candles

My iMac

Fluffy clouds

The crackly sound an old book makes when it’s opened

When other drivers smile at you for no particular reason at all

Going to bed with a dream and waking up with a purpose

Creating something new

Rummaging through my dad’s old boxes

Squishing Silly Putty

Hugs from behind

The cool side of the pillow

Making up your own lyrics to songs because you have no idea what the singer is actually saying

Guys holding babies or playing with little kids


My dad’s postcards

People with no awareness of PDA and you go out of your way to let them know you are right there just watching them

Making funny faces on rides that take your picture

Being able to “fly” when you are underwater

Finding the perfect name for a inanimate object

Multiple visits to Disneyland

When he makes my dopamine levels go all silly

Being able to take care of someone when they really need you

Falling asleep and someone covers you up with a blanket

Watching peoples head's bob when they fall asleep in class

Laughing so hard you snort and then laughing harder till your face cheeks hurt….not those other cheeks..

Exposed brick on interior walls

Fluffy 80s hair

Being told you look "beautiful" "amazing" "gorgeous"

When someone has the job of “Official Spider Smoosher”

Cereal talks with mom in the middle of the night

Listening to a heartbeat

Desperately needing a bobby pin or gum and finding one in a random place

Fortunes in a fortune cookie

Mix matched sheets

When the characters meant for each other on your favorite show FINALLY hook up (Pam + Jim)

Flowers that show up on your doorstep

Surprise notes left on your car and in your lunch bag

Waking up to find that its snowing

Being right on time for something

Reading books you loved when you were little

When your head fits perfectly in that amazing nook between his shoulder and neck

When friends are patient with you and your weaknesses

Catching cheese puffs in your mouth

Roasting marshmallows

The slow drips coming off umbrellas

Feeling the cool water rush past your face when swimming

Charcoaly fingers after drawing

Finding excitement in the mundane

Real smiles from people

Celebrating your Unbirthday

When people are not afraid to wear clothes that truly express who they are

Movie marathons

Fashion and the creativity it offers

Seeming a dream but proving real.

Diving into the unknown

Trying on 20 different perfume samples at once

Alice in Wonderland

Quotes (I LIVE for quotes)

Simplicity, timeless elegance, and the perfection of imperfection.

Listening to Frank Sinatra when missing my dad

When he makes all my saved up wishes come out

Loving puppies and bunnies but thinking zombies are cool, too

Having a torrid affair with my new Nikon camera

Being inspired by things that are not always considered fashionable

Not having a favorite color because it changes everyday

Cracking your knuckles

Slight scruff on a man
Vintage ribbons