Friday, July 10, 2009

Top Three

I sit here, hunched at the keyboard, banging away on an old ratty computer, which does not understand me at all, nor I it, especially with a million thoughts swirling around my skull on how to proceed with something as personal on my update on my relationship with my many a idols. Audrey Hepburn, with her wise words, class, talent, and beauty. Tim Burton, with his pale, frail looking, sad eyes, and hair that expresses much more than last night's pillow struggle. A clump to the east, four sprigs to the west, a swirl, and the rest of the unruliness to all points north and south. His unique way of showing the world who he truly is and not being ashamed of it in the least. Walt Disney, with his pure thirst for the impossible. His quick wit, his ability to dream big, and his passion. Now by seeing way beyond the novelty of my unique idols, I find profound respect for 'those who are not others.' All three, to me, are true geniuses. You can't label what they have done. It's not magic, because that would imply some sort of trickery. It's not just skill, because that seems like it's learned. What they have are very special gifts that we don't see everyday. They aren't just famous or celebrities. Their thoughts, insights, and ideas are so much more. They are artists, oddballs, brilliant, and brave. I have never seen people so out of place, so inordinate fit right in. Their way.

So Serendipitous

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, no matter how big or small the reason is. While I was sitting here thinking about this very thing, my thoughts began to wonder why I went to Utah State for those 4 stressful months. I have been racking my brain for so long, asking myself why I went... these past few weeks have now opened my eyes. I think I now know why I went... Serendipity happened to me.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Wrath of Me

When it comes to creativity, anything goes. Creativity, in its purest essence, means the mind is free to imagine any possibility. The sky is the limit. In its purest sense, there are no rules! And if there is a trick to harnessing that power of creativity, it is not to try to control the imagination, but rather set it free. When people are plugged into the power of unbridled creativity, our free-soaring imaginations always seem to carry us toward discovery and subsequent practical (and sometimes impractical, as the case may be) application. Fueled by the a mixture of passion and curiosity. I think we need to get over the fear of failure and dive into the unknown and try something new and different. When we see through the eyes of imagination, anything can happen. You never know what you are capable of doing until you start dreaming and doing it. I love fashion. I love the creativity it offers. I love it because people live their life in it. Everyone expresses themselves through their clothes. It is how they want to be perceived by the world. It is their unique way of saying, "Here I am world! this is who I am, this is what I have been through and done in my life." I am at heart a shopaholic. I love clothes. My closet is stuffed to the gill! I can't seem to get enough of the colors, textures, and the unique cuts of clothes. I am just in love with clothes! Here of some pics of me at my first photo shoot. Enjoy!