Friday, July 10, 2009

Top Three

I sit here, hunched at the keyboard, banging away on an old ratty computer, which does not understand me at all, nor I it, especially with a million thoughts swirling around my skull on how to proceed with something as personal on my update on my relationship with my many a idols. Audrey Hepburn, with her wise words, class, talent, and beauty. Tim Burton, with his pale, frail looking, sad eyes, and hair that expresses much more than last night's pillow struggle. A clump to the east, four sprigs to the west, a swirl, and the rest of the unruliness to all points north and south. His unique way of showing the world who he truly is and not being ashamed of it in the least. Walt Disney, with his pure thirst for the impossible. His quick wit, his ability to dream big, and his passion. Now by seeing way beyond the novelty of my unique idols, I find profound respect for 'those who are not others.' All three, to me, are true geniuses. You can't label what they have done. It's not magic, because that would imply some sort of trickery. It's not just skill, because that seems like it's learned. What they have are very special gifts that we don't see everyday. They aren't just famous or celebrities. Their thoughts, insights, and ideas are so much more. They are artists, oddballs, brilliant, and brave. I have never seen people so out of place, so inordinate fit right in. Their way.

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Chase said...

Liz you are an artists, oddball, brilliant, and brave. It is what makes you who you are. The wonderful Lizzie LOVE!