Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 funny facts

It's amazing how much you find out about yourself by just writing simple facts about you. I recommend that everyone give it a go!
Here are some facts that I just wrote down that make

1. I drink soda with everything.
2. I turn purple when I get cold.
3. I dance with the Swiffer when I clean the wood floors.
4. I wiggle my fingers when I get excited.
5. I get lost when I drive to my grandma’s…yeah I’m that bad at directions.
6. I love the beach, but I hate getting sandy.
7. I rarely cut off tags on new clothes. I just never think to do it.
8. The inside of people’s wrists grosses me out.
9. I twirl my hair around my finger before I go to sleep.
10. The moles on my right arm look like the Little Dipper.
11. I actually WANT to gain weight.
12. Tanning booths scare me.
13. I have pencil led stuck in my hand from the 4th grade.
14. I play with Silly Putty all of the time,
15. I hold my thumbs when I get nervous.
16. I never study for tests.
17. I quote movies in almost every conversation I have with people.
18. I trip on flat surfaces.
19. I am inspired by things that are not always fashionable.
20. I burst out laughing in dead silence from something that happened yesterday.
21. I love the smell of crayons.
22. I always read the safety instructions whenever I fly on a plane.
23. I never get sick of Disneyland.
24. I can never just sit down in a chair for too long.
25. I can click my tongue really loud.

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