Monday, April 26, 2010

Hi Dad Soup

I love him
I love my mom
I love my best friend
I love my dad
I love my brothers
I love my grandparents
I love music
I love art
I love smiles
I love dogs
I love rain
I love soft kisses
I love fashion
I love love
I love photography
I love snuggles
I love flowers
I love sunshine
I love paris
I love candy


Haley Sue said...

i'm impressed with your spaghettio's spelling! cute picture :]

Susan said...

You forgot a MAJOR one . . .
I love Pepsi!! Duh!

christie said...

awww... i love thay alphabet rice! I used to make sentences and words when I was kid! Maks me wanna go to the shops right now so i can buy some and do it all over again!