Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just Me

I have been to Paris.
I find excitement in the mundane.
I don't get jealous.
I celebrate my Unbirthday quite frequently.
I try to take one picture every day.
I like puppies and bunnies, but zombies are cool, too.
I am having a torrid affair with my new Nikon camera.
I am in love with a handsome redhead.
I would wear tulle and sequins every day if I could.
I am inspired by things that are not always considered fashionable.
I don't have a favorite color because it changes everyday.
I have a weird obsession with balloons and umbrellas.
I want to go to New York more than anything.
I love laughing with my best friend.
I can't wait to design my own house.
I am never uncheered by flowers.
I love the crackly sound an old book makes when its opened.
I will be able to fly like Peter Pan someday.

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