Friday, September 2, 2011

Orange Goodness


Oh, how I love pretty things! I love shopping in stores. When I see a pretty store my heart melts like butter sitting atop warm toast. Anthropologie and JCrew would have to be my top favorites. I am in love. But to tell you the truth, as of late, I am finding myself loving yet another store....Home Depot. Gotta love that bright orange goodness! The smell of fresh lumber, colorful paint chips you can have for free, and walking down isles with people covered in sawdust and paint. I love the general feeling in the store because everyone going into the store has a project that they are working on. They are fixing something, they are making it better, they are making something pretty, they are accomplishing the task at hand. I love hard working people who are just trying to make the world around them better.

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