Monday, March 2, 2009

Lizzie needs

So I typed "Lizzie needs" into Google...and this is what I got!
  1. Lizzie needs extra food. (I sure do!)
  2. Lizzie needs a break. (Don't we all?!)
  3. Lizzie needs a man. (Maybe one day...)
  4. Lizzie needs acting lessons. ( I do?)
  5. Lizzie needs our prayers. (Could'nt hurt.)
  6. Lizzie needs more company. (More the merrier!)
  7. Lizzie needs some help. (On what? Learning French?)
  8. Lizzie needs happiness. (Can never have enough of that stuff!)
  9. Lizzie needs surgery. (Eeeek on what?!)
  10. Lizzie needs a chase. (I freaked out on this one! But it makes perfect sense!)
  11. Lizzie needs a home. (So does my mom. We need a new start.)
  12. Lizzie needs to nab a Darcy. (Keepin' my eyeballs peeled.)
  13. Lizzie needs a kiss. (...So pucker up!)
  14. Lizzie needs an intervention. (Why? because I'm a Shopaholic?)
  15. Lizzie needs to add more stuff to her pages. (I definitely need to add more to my blog.)
  16. Lizzie needs to change her name to Hottie. (...Need I say more?)
  17. Lizzie needs transfusions. (Nah, I'll pass on that one.)
  18. Lizzie needs to go to sleep. (Yeah it's way past my bedtime!)
  19. Lizzie needs to take responsibility. (That's what my mom keeps telling me.)
  20. Lizzie needs to make up lost time. (I really need to fix this one.)


Chase said...

I just love a girl who knows what she wants!!

badloi said...

me too chase.... and i love girls those who are kind and simple..and true to their self.... love the blog..

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