Friday, January 22, 2010

To Name a Few

The Keys to My Heart 
(In no particular order)

love KISSES sweet dreams CHOCOLATE laughter ANTIQUE STORES my little brothers HOT COCOA glitter SHOES SHOES SHOES whispers PEDICURES tickles KISSES smiles CREAMY BUTTER lazy afternoons PHOTOGRAPHS cuddles HUGS a long walk with no where to go LOVE  pajamas SCRAMBLED EGGS honey GARDENS clean sheets FILM FILM FILM kisses SLEEPING IN day dreaming LOVELINESS honesty LEMONS tenderness COOL BREEZE baths TREES chocolate KINDNESS ribbons PAINT the soft space nestled just between being awake & asleep NAIL POLISH tulle OLD MUSTY BOOKS makeup UMBRELLAS long car rides GENUINE AFFECTION poetry SWEETNESS long talks with my mom FINDING TREASURES IN UNEXPECTED PLACES balloons CITY LIGHTS sparkling water TENDERNESS kisses for no reason at all PERFUME BOTTLES down comforters MUSIC humility FRIENDSHIP sweet peas LEMONGRASS my really old green convertible  MOVIES strawberries EIFFEL TOWER really soft sweaters SAND BENEATH MY TOES sunglasses PENCILS glasses MUSEUMS libraries ARCHITECTURE cobble stone streets COTTAGES simplicity DRAWING black and white stripes SERENDIPITY disco balls FLOWY DRESSES organization with just a hint of chaos LOYALTY full lips ANEMONE hand written letters on pretty paper LIP GLOSS the perfect pair of jeans VINTAGE ANYTHING stars KISSES the sound of  his voice RAINY DAYS affection TRUTH mainstreet PICTURE FRAMES ice cream RUFFLES memories FAMILY chirping birds HANDMADE ANYTHING high heels LIFE artists FLOWERS deep dark chocolate truffles SELFLESSNESS long car rides TRAVELING unexpected blessings ANGELS windows DOGS blowing bubbles APPRECIATION headpieces & veils GENTLENESS holding hands WEDDINGS newborn babies LAUGHTER real wood floors CURLS pillows HOPE a good book & time to read it CROWNS soft kisses SPOONING talking on the phone with friends FIREWORKS unexpected generosity FRIZZY HAIR beautiful clothes FOG my fish LOVE wishes INSPIRATION almost any shade of grey TEARS sprinklers LIMES birthday candles CLOUDS and kisses

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A Piece of Pi said...

I LOVE this! I am new to blogging...I just started my blog this weekend...I came across your blog...thanks for sharing!