Friday, July 4, 2008

HELLO my name is Lizzie Love

Hi! my name is Lizzie Love; I am an artist and a great lover of chocolate. I love to create. I need to create. And I want to express how necessary and fufilling creativity is to the human soul. Love and nurture your family, be honest and true to your friends, and make good stuff-- these three things are the ingredients for a happy and joyful life.
I got this idea to post a blog from my aunt, Sylvia, who for this past year has not only been a loving aunt, but she has become a dear friend. What do I want to share here--everything that I believe in-- my dreams, my goals, my ambitions, my heroes, my life, and pixie dust.

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Jason & Annie said...

You are truly an unbelievable woman! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your BLOG and will check it ALL THE TIME! I feel like I already know so much more about you and what you do, feel and think. You are a treasure! Keep on posting - I'll always be checking! Best Friends. Annie