Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Livin' the life of a lifeless lifeguard

I have been a lifeguard for three years now and I have been trained to watch the water,act in a heartbeat, and give parents peace of mind. But through it all, I have done a lot of daydreaming while sitting on my guard stand. But dreaming isn't a sin, so I think I will continue to dream my dreams.


Mark said...

Oh what an interesting life it was too... Where you there the day Matt Tye and myself took my sister's Vespa to the outdoor pool? Both of us in our short-shorts, helmets and whistles zooming down the street on an EXTREMELY feminine white Vespa. And yes... Matt was on the back :) SO many people honked at us, haha. I miss you Mizz Lizz!

Lizzie Love said...

ow ow! was a sexy soundin' story! i wish i was there! you need to come back to the pool!!! mmmkay? mmmkay